MPOA Membership Information


Any owner of real, residential property within the boundaries of the area known as The Moorings, City of Naples, Florida is eligible for membership upon compliance with the formalities as the Board of Governors may prescribe.  The designation "owner of real estate" shall include the owner or owners of an apartment in a condominium or cooperative building.  Each residential unit shall constitute a single membership, whether title to the property is jointly, severally or individually held. MPOA membership and passes (i.e. Short-term and Annual Rental Passes, etc.) run on a calendar year January-December basis.
MPOA 2022 Essential Info, Membership Applications, and Policy
MPOA memberships run on a calendar year basis and must be renewed each year. Prospective members must complete an application, mail it in with their payment, and drive their car (with auto registration and photo ID) to to the Beach Park to obtain their decal. Please allow 10 days for processing.

The Essential Info document posted below contains complete information about membership policies and procedures. Please refer to this document if you have any questions.

There are two separate membership forms. The 'Regular Resident' form is to be used only by owners who reside in their Moorings property and do not rent it to others either short-term or annually. The 'Non-Resident/Property with Renters' and the 'Bulk Condo with Renters' forms are to be used by owners who do not reside in their Moorings property and/or make their property available to others by renting it out on a short-term or annual basis. Please be sure to use the correct form for your situation. Please consult the Essential Info document if you are unsure about which form to use.

Print out and complete the appropriate membership form and mail it in with your check to:
P.O. Box 8961
Naples, FL 34101

MPOA Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive beach park parking privileges with easy and convenient access to the beach.


  • Access to MPOA beach park events and meetings.


  • Ability to sponsor and host parties and events with the exclusive use of our Chickee Hut.


  • News and updates on topics affecting our neighborhood and the City of Naples.